Ab Training Techniques

While mastering the suspension training principles, it is also essential to learn how to build your abs. There are many different exercises recommended by a variety of gurus. There is nothing wrong with it, but this only leads to information overload and failure of implementation. In layman terms, by trying to figure out which approach is the best, you waste your time during this process and most likely give up without ever trying ANY approach.

Once you see an approach has given results to many people, it is wise to blindly follow this approach with discipline and commitment. It is then and only THEN, that you can get the results you desire.

Enough rambling about techniques. In order to train your abs, you need to decide on one of two approaches - the burn or the build. If you want to feel the burn while toning your abs, you will get the flat six pack look that many athletes usually flaunt.

If you follow the build approach, you are focusing on building those abs to pop out like the models and bodybuilders show off. For the burn approach, you focus on circuit training with high reps and less rest. For the build approach, your focus on 8-12 reps, weighted exercises and longer rest periods. 

For both approaches, the following exercises would be recommended to develop those abs to stand out:

1. Hanging Leg Raises (Get a set of ab straps to help. See recommendations at www.suspensionrev.com)

2. Front Squats

3. Cable Crunches

4. Ab Rollouts

5. Plank variations


Decide whether you want an athlete look or the builders look, when it comes to abs. The burn requires short rest and high rep training - Circuit training approach is recommended. The build requires long rest and low rep training with heavier weights - Supersets or straight sets would be ideal. Focus and follow the approach you select with discipline and commitment for 4 weeks minimum. It is only then that you will begin to see results.